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13 Important Life Lessons Learnt From Caring For My ASD Child


13. ALWAYS LOOK AFTER MYSELF TOO. I have learnt to look after me as well so I have the energy and rest to be engaged and connected in my parenting. – Kate Dean 12. I AM MUCH STRONGER THAN I EVER THOUGHT POSSIBLE. – Julia Senatore            I am grateful for the experiences which are consistently teaching …me …

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Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas!!!

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Autism Night Before Christmas by Cindy Waeltermann


Twas the Night Before Christmas And all through the house The creatures were stirring … Yes, even the mouse We tried melatonin And gave a hot bath But the holiday jitters They always distract The children were finally All nestled in bed When nightmares of terror Ran through my OWN head Did I get the …

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Dear Santa,…

Letters to Santa

Dear Santa, I’ve been a good mom all year. I was hoping you could spread my list over several Christmases, since I had to write this with my son’s crayon, on the back of receipt in the laundry room between cycles, and who knows if I’ll find free time in the next 18 years. I’d …

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Perks of Having a Child with Autism.


1. I don’t need a GPS… my child memorizes everything! – Ann Marie Pchelins-Osorio 2. My child is not clamoring for the newest hottest toy for christmas. He wouldn’t care if all of his clothes and toys came from goodwill. He is just happy to receive. – Erica Grafton 3. You learn to take nothing for granted. We don’t take our …

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Letter To Autism from a Parent.

Dear Autism, Because of you I have never known a day of normal parenting. Because of you both of my children will never know a normal day, or be able to interpret their surroundings correctly. Because of you, the world can be a scary place to them, and to me. I worry all the time, …

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A Poem written by Susan Logan

Here I am locked inside my own little world, You think I don’t listen to you but I hear every word. Sometimes I get frustrated because you don’t understand It’s not my fault it’s the way I am! I wish I could say what I want to say But I’m autistic so that kinda gets …

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14 Things To Remember If You’re A Parent Beginning Your Journey with a Newly Diagnosed ASD Child.


1. It may sound cruel, but get over yourself! I was hysterical with my 3 day breakdown wondering how ‘I was going to cope’, ‘how do I handle this’ … Then I shook it off and started to find out what I needed to do for my son! Your child needs a strong informed parent! One …

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You Might Be An Autism Parent if …

1. You might be an autism parent if you have to change the movie your child is watching 10 times in 5 mins because he wants to watch something else.                         – Jessica Bishop 2. You might be an autism parent if you watch the same film over and over again and don’t complain. – Julie …

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