Letter To Autism from a Parent.

Dear Autism,

Because of you I have never known a day of normal parenting. Because of you both of my children will never know a normal day, or be able to interpret their surroundings correctly. Because of you, the world can be a scary place to them, and to me. I worry all the time, about the next melt down, the next anxiety attack, or screaming tantrum that makes every parent in a store turn and look my direction. I worry my children will never have a normal life, a normal career, a normal anything. Despite that, you still don’t DEFINE my children. You don’t have control, and despite the countless hours of therapy, intervention, extra time chasing down teachers, IEP/504s, and researching more ways to help them, you still won’t win. The things we have been through make us stronger… our house is full of love. Because of great doctors, and specialists, we are able to communicate, understand, find interventions we need. It’s not a normal life… but by all means, it’s still a good one. I’m thankful you are Autism instead of Cancer, or the many other conditions that could be considered worse. Autism, you have taught us how to be more patient, you have taught me how to love stronger, how to be smarter, how to be more resourceful as a parent. You’ve taught me to educate, to advocate, to stand up for what I believe in (my kids). You’ve taught me to be more understanding of other parents, to fight harder, to be there more, to have more faith. Because of you, I’m better as a parent. I pay attention more. I worry more… I’m more involved because I need to be, not just because I want to be. So thanks, Autism… because my kids are worth the fight.

Melinda Hawkins



  1. kim Walker

    I love this poem. You said what my heart could not.

  2. josee


  3. Kristine

    A letter I think all us mommy’s (and even daddy’s too!) certainly feel on a daily basis

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