You Might Be An Autism Parent if …

1. You might be an autism parent if you have to change the movie your child is watching 10 times in 5 mins because he wants to watch something else.                         – Jessica Bishop

2. You might be an autism parent if you watch the same film over and over again and don’t complain. – Julie Betts

3. You might be an autism parent if you get both hit and hugged within 5 seconds of each other. – McGrandma Paul

4. You might be an autism parent if you can’t wait for your child to go to school after a hectic weekend but miss ’em minutes after school starts. – Catie Nelson

5. You might be an autism parent if you would trade everything you have to spend just half an hour in your child’s mind to know how and what they’re thinking. – Martina-Jade P.

6. You might be an autism parent if you find yourself using your child’s therapeutic coping strategies for yourself. – Jennifer J-Stebbins.

7. You might be an autism parent if your blood boils everytime you see a status update about an autistic child being bullied. – Sarai Alataua

8. You might be an autism parent if the definition of a clean house is now one that doesn’t have an overflowing trash can, dishes in the sink are rinsed, and laundry is at least in the hamper or in the basket. – Jennifer Hodgon

9. You might be an autism parent if your friends fade as your life is consumed with many therapists, teachers, doctors, case managers, intervention specialists and these people have no clue you almost feel like they are your new best friends because you spend so much time around them and the subject of conversation is your children… (My favorite subject… I breathe for my kids. These people have no clue how much their support means to me!) – Shawna Marie

10. You might be an autism parent if a ‘good day’ means no one’s in the hospital, no one from the school called, no one from the police department is standing on your lawn and everyone’s sitting in one room without a problem. -Kristyne B. Urlacher

11. You might be an autism parent if someone walks into your house and asks if you live in a dangerous neighborhood and you say no… the window locks, gate locks and three types of door locks are to keep my kid in… not bad guys out. – Sarah P White

12. You might be an autism parent if your blood boils and it touches a nerve whenever you hear a child with autism being called the ‘R’ word. – Nikki M

These were shared by members on our FB page at Single Mothers who have Children with Autism. Visit us soon.


  1. Personna Newell

    You might be an autism parent if your child could tell the difference between tilapia and whiting, red delicious and gala, or spaghetti and rice noodles before they turned 4 and without tasting it first and they have a STRONG preference for one over the other.

  2. Kristin Gharst

    You might be an autism parent if you don’t take for granted when your child speaks. or attempts to and you know the only reason he can is because of God.

  3. Personna N.

    You might be an autism mom if your seven year old prefers, hums, and actually tries to play a song he first heard played by the Philharmonic Symphony orchestra of Prague (or some other old European city), but still hasn’t quite gotten potty training.

  4. Poignant words from extraordinary moms!

  5. Nikki N.

    I love it. Everyone is on point.

  6. You might be a mental illness parent if you relate! We need to stick together!

  7. Mana

    you might be an autism parent if you’ve sat for what seems like hours outside a store’s toy train display in the cold, because you know he gets trains in a way you don’t understand.

  8. Emilyn DeNofa

    You might be an autistic mom, if you find yourself cutting out all the tags on your sons shirts and allowing him to wear his socks wrong sides out because the seams and tags bother him.

  9. Shell

    You might be an autism mom if your child hits the replay button 50x to watch one particular scene again and again. You might be an autism mom if your child knows without looking at a clock exactly when it’s time for Jeopardy to come on!

    • Kristine

      There are many different movies/shows where I know the scene down to a science. I don’t even have to see what he is watching to know what is happening and what’s coming next. LOL

  10. LaTonya Ortega

    You might be a autism parent if your son lives in Mario world and the mushrooms are his friends…

    • Kristine

      LMAO my oldest is this guy! Mario and PacMan are now his new world friends.

  11. You might be an Autistic parent if everyone at the grocery store knows you because your child has repeatedly been found hiding in a box on the loading docks.

    • LaTonya Ortega

      Toooooo cute! :)…….

  12. Milton Booty

    My grandson is Autistic & he is the greatest kid in the world.

    I love him dearly.


  13. Jeanine Stell

    You might be an autistic parent if your son loves firetrucks and motorcycles, but is afraid of the loud noises they make. I would give anything to see how my son thinks and sees things in his world,even if just for 5 minutes. I wouldnt trade my son for the world.Autism is Amazing!!!!!!

  14. Kacie

    You might be an autistic parent if your son constantly begs for a pet day in and day out, but the moment a 5 lbs mini-dog appears at his feet he runs away crying. You might be an autistic mom when you can look at another mother straight in the eyes and give a meaningful nod when her own chid is throwing a tantrum and the rest of the world is juding her, because you know exactly what she’s going through because you deal with it on the daily.

  15. Jill

    It is certain you are an autism parent when your child will only sleep on a sofa because he rocks himself to sleep and throughout the night.

  16. Janet Tedder

    I am definitely an autism parent….when you wait for 2 1/2 years to hear your daughter say “I wuv you” once again and those are the first words out of her mouth at almost 4 1/2 after losing her speech at 18 months. Every syllable, word, utterance…..amazing!

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