Perks of Having a Child with Autism.

1. I don’t need a GPS… my child memorizes everything! – Ann Marie Pchelins-Osorio

2. My child is not clamoring for the newest hottest toy for christmas. He wouldn’t care if all of his clothes and toys came from goodwill. He is just happy to receive. – Erica Grafton

3. You learn to take nothing for granted. We don’t take our children’s smiles, laughter, hugs, or kisses for granted because when we get one it’s an amazing thing. – Christina Renea Stallons

4. You see the beauty of being forced to live in the now. – Erin Ward

5. There is never a dull moment. – Melissa Basinger

6. You get to see the world in a very different and humbling way and also appreciate and love every milestone in your child’s life like you won the lottery. -Saloshna Moodley

7. Your child teaches you more patience, the true meaning of LOVE and that the best things in life are free, better than anyone ever could! – Crystal Morris Cabral

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  1. You forgot my favorite… your kid always makes the psycologist tests look so easy because they ask your child to stack and line up stuff and don’t forget the matching!

  2. These are things I miss the most. Unfortunately during our divorce, in order for my children not to regress and go through extreme change, they had to stay with their dad. I call them every night and see them as often as possible (6 kids and I have a forc focus – LONG story) and these are the things I miss the most. They are my world and I would do anything for them which is what I did, no matter how hard it is for others to understand…I can still hear my son tell me a few days ago as we were headed to Mc Donald’s “That way mom!” – you’re right, better than a GPS!! 😀

  3. Heather Lee-Thomas

    Unprompted hugs and kisses feel like little miracles! 🙂 Most parents of NT kids take those moments for granted.

  4. Kacie Campbell

    I know more about sharks than I ever dreamed of, and if sharks were a category on Jeapordy, I would sweep it. My son is a walking encyclopedia of sharks, superheros, transformers and dinosaurs.

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