13 Important Life Lessons Learnt From Caring For My ASD Child

13. ALWAYS LOOK AFTER MYSELF TOO. I have learnt to look after me as well so I have the energy and rest to be engaged and connected in my parenting. – Kate Dean

12. I AM MUCH STRONGER THAN I EVER THOUGHT POSSIBLE. – Julia Senatore            I am grateful for the experiences which are consistently teaching …me to be a better person and parent. – Kate Dean

11. DON’T CARE WHAT OTHERS THINK. I don’t have to be a people pleaser anymore. Its OK to be different. I have a much deeper appreciation for the little things in life,  and am grateful even more so for our blessings. – Claudia Tuckman

10. LIVE IN THE MOMENT. Dont worry about what others are thinking, enjoy the sweet times 🙂 – Jessica Amber. Appreciate little things, that others take for granted. – Karla Davila

9.NEVER COMPARE. Never compare and try to avoid those that do.- Ingar Struthers


7. TO BE A STRONGER, SMARTER, FIGHTER AND ADVOCATE. Doctors at first didnt listen….by my own research, determination and advocating I found the best for my son. Following gut instinct and being consistent – Leah Cynthia

6. TOLERANCE AND LETTING GO OF JUDGEMENT FROM OTHERS. You may be judged and crticized for various reasons by strangers, friends and even family. Developing a ‘thick skin’ will prove helpful.

5. DONT SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF. When I believe I’m having a bad day, I think of my little boy and wonder what kind of day he is having and tell myself things can’t be all that bad for me to complain about. Thank you Isaiah for teaching Daddy this. Love you always. – Elpidio Loredo

4. TAKE LIFE ONE DAY AT A TIME AND NOTHING FOR GRANTED. – Marti Elhert Things we want to learn come in baby steps. Celebrate each little step accomplished along the way. – Julia Senatore. I now take more time to notice the little things like how happy he gets when he can tell me what he wants…#Priceless 🙂 Nicole Russell-Jackson

3. DON’T JUDGE. Most people see a child having a temper tantrum and make snarky comments… As the mother of an aspie, I know better than to pass judgement. – Stacy Willett Harrington. Don’t judge because you never know what their battles are. – Mich Bell

2. BE MORE UNDERSTANDING. Sometimes you just need to ask yourself ‘what if I was in my child’s position’ to be more understanding to his/her needs and feelings. Nikki M.

1. PATIENCE. There is no such thing as too much patience when it comes to dealing with my ASD or NT child. – Keeley Muncrief.

Quotes shared on our page at: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Single-Mothers-who-have-Children-with-Autism/258728120832823?ref=tn_tnmn


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