“CLOSE YOUR EYES” Written by: Nicole Russell-Jackson

Close your eyes my son, everything will be alright; …

I will hold and comfort you all through the night.

Your day was so long filled with anxiety and fear;

But I will ease your little mind by holding your near.

The world just doesn’t understand what you go through each day;

How frustrated you get with the words you can not say.

Or how change makes you upset and some sounds hurt your ears;

Or how desperately you want to connect with your peers.

All that they see is the tantrums, how you kick and you shout;

They don’t see the sparkle in your eyes when you figure things out.

But God and I know your heart my son so you can rest your weary head;

And know that I pray for you as you lay in your bed.

Close your eyes tight and remember every word that I say;

“Mommy loves you unconditionally, more and more everyday”.

You are my strength and you inspire me more than you know;

I feel so Blessed to be able to watch you learn and to grow.

So close your eyes my son, don’t you worry or weep;

Because I will always watch over you, even while you’re asleep!

Dedicated to my son : LaDaveon Quinterrius Jackson, 3 years old ASD



  1. This is so sweet and so what I feel. I could not have said it better.

  2. Kristine

    I agree. That’s one of the best ways to say exactly how I feel each night when I tuck my boys into bed.

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