Letter to My Ex Husband & Father to my Children. Written by Lisa Cheney Long

Dear Ex Husband & Father to my Children,
I realize I owe you nothing but thought I’d let you know what I thought about you and all you’ve chosen for my children. You came into my life making false promises when I’m sure you knew you were a liar. You promised to protect me and our beautiful children and hurt us physically. You promised to stand by me and our children but was unfaithful to all of …us. After you and I divorced, you turned your back on my children, you walked away and threw them to the side like useless trash. Through the years alot has happened to this one parent family. So many wonderful discoveries and celebrations. I know you couldn’t careless but I do and have. My children hurt and wonder why their daddy doesn’t like or love them, they search inside themselves for these reasons; When it actually lies in you. Like a coward you hide from your responsibilities. Well I’m saying now, hide no more, because they are not your children and you gave up any right to call yourself daddy, EVER.
Lisa Cheney Long
Shared on our page at Single Mothers Who Have Children With Autism (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Single-Mothers-who-have-Children-with-Autism/258728120832823?ref=tn_tnmn by Lisa Cheney Long

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  1. 3butterflys

    Hi Lisa,

    I hate the fact that their are men out there who created children just to control them and us. They find out that they CAN”T control us and become abusive. I have walked in your foot steps as well. My sons and I were shopping before Christmas, a gentlemen behind us in check out, asked my sons, “are you behaving for Mommy & Daddy?” my son looked at the man and said, “We don’t have a Daddy”, (he is my sensory boy, so he says). I was lost for words. I should have seen all the suttle clues during our courship. He has 3 children from his 1st marriage. I was #3. He had none from his 2nd (she was abused very badley) I found out after he was arrested for DV. Through out our short marriage, he kept insisting nothing was wrong with our son. I could go on and on. But I think You have lived threw it also. I will pray for you and your children.

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