You know I just don’t get it, how any parent could leave their child, crazy to even think of it. I work round the clock to care for my son, travel the country with him to follow his passion of being in the great outdoors. I have a daughter that went through hard depression and multiple suicide attempts, my wife has been in chronic pain management for 8 years +. I lost my job back in April and still do not have a new job locked in yet, get about 2 to 3 hours of sleep a night, been out once in the past 14 months with my wife, bills just get paid on time and not much left at all, day in day out struggles and stress, no personal life to speak of at all and yet I am happy to be where I am at….. Any father out there that is considering leaving, call me and I will give you a week of my life. Stop complaining and take care of what you helped into this world, Be a man. – Darin Frye



    i know that some couples are made stronger,
    and some break up
    as a result of the shock of diagnosis.
    but i’m with you, friend,
    how could anyone just give up
    without so much as trying to cope.
    it’s life, eh?
    lot’s of us learn how to cope with it.
    give it a try, you might surprise yourself.
    how could any man surrender without a fight
    his duties and responsibilities as a parent.

  2. Aussie Mummy

    Thankyou MEN and yes you are the REAL MEN! We could all whinge and whine about what our so called men have done or not done to us or for us but ya know what? who cares? cause no matter what we win cause we have the kids that love us, we wake up to them , we kiss them goodnight , we , we be the REAL parents!! So to my ex if you ever come across this post, hear me when I say I feel sorry for you now, the hate is turning to sorrow because all those times you make up excuses to avoid spending time with your son and the amount of child support you withhold from him only means you are closer to the fact that you will grow into one very lonely old man and I will be one old lady who has children that cherish her and who knows what love is!!!

  3. Wow.. as a mom of 4 (one with autism) who’s husband left.. Thank you for this post! Its good to see some men still believe in till death do us part!

  4. 3butterflys

    Bless you and your family. As a single Mom now, I pray someday that I can find a man as yourself to help hurture my son’s need to have a strong hearted soul that he may call Daddy. My boys are beautiful and they breath in life itself. Sometimes, they breath out WAY TOO MUCH! lol But at the end of the day, I would’nt change one blessing bestowed on me.

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