Popular Phrases You Might Hear In An Autism Household

  1. Mom he’s naked again!
  2. Mom needs a time out….again.
  3. Good Job!
  4. Oh no, there is poop on the blinds/walls/carpet.
  5. Where are your clothes?
  6. Quit hitting the dog.
  7. Get back in bed.
  8. Dont lick that.
  9. Use your words.
  10. Stop!!!… behave… good boy.
  11. Stop spitting.
  12. ‎”Mom, Braeden’s microwaving his Legos AGAIN!”
  13. You can’t stand on the iPad!!
  14. Please stop playing with your poo.
  15. Put your socks back on.
  16. Honey, it’s your turn to get the toys out of the toilet.
  17. I love you.
  18. No hands in your pants.
  19. Please….just taste it. You gotta eat something.
  20. Where is his blankie?
  21. Im sorry… your only wish is to see an animal that’s extinct. I can’t bring it back.
  22. Stop singing that song over & over & over & over….
  23. ‎”Let’s play something besides CHRISTMAS music, ok honey? It’s July…”
  24. What do you have in your mouth?
  25. Quit eating the dogs food.
  26. You’re awesome.
  27. Please leave the cat alone.
  28. GET DOWN!
  29. Get your hand out of the back of your diaper.
  30. Stop throwing things.
  31. Get that out your mouth.
  32. Stop flushing things down the toilet.
  33. Stop eating the soap.
  34. Put your underwear back on.
  35. Stop running.
  36. Calm down.
  37. Stop screaming.
  38. Stop hitting your brother/sister/mom/dad.
  39. Dont bite the dog.
  40. Relax buddy.
  41. Stop licking me.
  42. Dont put that in your nose… Just because it fits doesn’t mean it belongs there.
  43. Go potty. You haven’t gone for days.
  44. Dont pee on the porch or in the bathtub on your brother.
  45. Stop playing with the light switches.
  46. High Five!
  47. Look at me.
  48. Stop eating your boogers.
  49. Turn of the tap and stop playing in the water.
  50. Stop eating the sand.
  51. Take off your shirt before going in the pool.
  52. Honey please stop repeating.
  53. Remember to flush the toilet.

This list was compiled from comments by our members on our Facebook page at Single Mothers who have Children with Autism.



  1. love it thank you for sharing!!

  2. Very funny!!

    similar to this post from me. But this way more things said between mom & dad http://autism-daddy.blogspot.com/2011/08/things-overheard-at-my-house-on-typical.html


  3. Brilliant! I’d like to add, “Get your finger out of your nose. Just because it fits doesn’t mean that’s where it belongs.”

  4. Are you sure you’re not eavesdropping on my house 🙂

  5. Awesome!!! I feel like you took notes at my house!!!

  6. Robin

    Nice! May I add stop attacking your brother, sisters they are not doing anything to you.. and please stop screaming mommy has a headache.

  7. Wow… every single one of those, except microwaving Legos, apply to a few of my 6 children… and none of them are diagnosed as Autistic. Most of these are “normal” childhood things according to all our physicians.

    • Eeeuuuu…really Craig…is that even called for? NASTY! Have yourself checked for Asshole sindrome!

    • Thank You Craig… 😉

  8. Mama Jenn Jenn

    That is fairly complete. Only my lil one will combine #’s 19 & 42… Though I don’t say Please, just taste it. 😉
    Thank you for sharing.

  9. Sandra Wells

    Another one, “take a deep breath and relax”

  10. josette

    i not only say these things to my 9 year old with autism but also to my 5 year old who doesn’t have autism.

  11. Amy Bryce

    My new one is “Overkill”…son is obsessed now with being in “action” and when his speech starts to slur..we say over kill and walla…speech is clear and diction is spot on 🙂 He is now 15 and doing great!!!!

  12. It seems as if you have been living in my house!! LOL

  13. ROSIE


    ROSIE U.

  14. lol! exactly. May I add “Could you STOP eating the sand?!”

  15. Too funny!!! Sounds like my house for sure!!! I got one to add… Stop eating your snot/boogers!!!

    • Benita

      I swear I thought I was the only one. My daughter has what doctors keep calling allergies but its from September/October to April/May and she eats both every chance she gets and she wont blow her nose.

  16. Wait I have one more, “look at me”.

  17. Robin

    Wow! I say them all…

  18. Lisa

    In our house, it is “Get you pants on!” Please stop singing ABBA and Madonna at the top of your lungs! Plus, “I love you so much!”

  19. Awesome!! Love it!! I say most of these and I would add…Pee inside the toilet and take off your shirt to go in the pool! Thanks for making me smile!

  20. Totally agree…although none of my 5 ASD boys have ever microwaved their lego, however my ASD nephew microwaved the budgerigar 😦
    The other one I find myself say (read yelling) a lot in my home is “ENOUGH….will you two stop hitting one another”, and “Can you all please remember to pee in the toilet and flush when you are done”.

  21. Destiny

    Whew! I’m glad I’m not the only one dealing with poop situations O_O

  22. How about, “Honey, please stop repeating…”?

    • Totally with you on this one, Fran!!!

  23. I’ve heard many of those at my house. We also have: You won’t die if you eat multicolored food and Stop touching the dog’s feet!

  24. Poppy

    I’ve had to say all of those to my boys, neither of whom is autistic, but both of whom are kids. Sometimes I think people mix up normal child behaviour with a syndrome.

    • Meg

      My nephew has autism, and he is 6 and a half years old. He barely speaks or eats regular food, microwaves stuff that should never go into the microwave, has been reading and spelling complex words and sentences (correctly!) since he was 3 (words like “elephant”, “defiant”, “eight”, etc…all correctly!), exclusively uses diapers for elimination and urination, plays with his poop if given the chance, and more! That is not normal behavior for a “normal” 6-year-old. That is autistic behavior, Poppy. Get a clue, and count yourself lucky that your children are not afflicted with autism. You have no idea what autistic children and their families go through on a daily basis.

    • Krista

      I was thinking a bunch of these apply to my non-ASD children as well as my ASD/ADHD kiddo. “Stop eating the sand/crayons” And “Stop licking that” apply more to my anemic and turns out Celiac son.

  25. Monster

    I have to add, no smelling hair in public, and get your fingers out of MY nose!!!
    I do love my kids…

  26. I praise everyone of these moms and my heart goes out to them.You have to be a very strong person in so many ways.I only handled few children a few hours a day we’ll fulltime while the parent worked and I can only imagine their duties in a full 24 hrs.Bless everyone of you.You make Top Moms in your situation.

  27. #22 made me giggle.

    If I “EVERYBODY DANCE NOW!” in a 7-year-old’s falsetto voice one more time …

    • they’re what’s for breakfast! (If a mod could fix that and delete this comment, that’d be fantastic. Thanks. 🙂

  28. Chancezr

    also “nobody is going to come and kill me in my sleep if you’re not here” and “no baby, the whole world doesn’t hate you.” 😦

  29. Karen

    In my house lately, it’s been “Get your PJs on or I throw a domino away.” “Take a bite (of something she is known to like) or I throw a domino away.” “Clean up the dominoes (lined up across the living room carpet) or I will throw one away.” “Stop spitting water on the floor or I will throw a domino away.” Hey, it gets the job done and when you have three sets of mismatched dominoes, who cares if you have to follow through and toss one or two?!

  30. sandy

    I loved it. We have 5 boys on the spectrum ,I have said @ least 45 of those phases.my therapists that work with the boys,laugh all the time at me for being so blunt with the boys.

  31. Tammy

    Oh this is so true!! Sounds like my house lol

  32. How about “Please stop climbing up on the beds/couches to turn on/touch/play with the ceiling fans!”

  33. Heather Collins

    My almost six year old son”Mommy I need you to wipe my butt”

  34. hellsangel31

    please stop putting on so many clothes u might get a heat stroke my son likes to ware multiple shirts over shirts including long sleeve shirts and i have to strip him once hes asleep cause he sweats in his sleep ….. or get out of the fridge i just fed u u cant be hungry already

  35. Caty

    Autistic small children: “Where’s Mum?”
    Answer from my NT teenager: “She didn’t make it….”
    LOVE her sense of humour! Thank God she still has one! 😀

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