Most Expensive Things Our ASD Kids Have Damaged or Completely Destroyed.

  1. My spare time.
  2. A remote control by peeing on it.
  3. Our entire house.
  4. Every vacuum I ever had. We have to get a new one every two months.
  5. A brand new Sony PSP by throwing it in the dumpster.
  6. My toilet, he flushed batman down it to watch him swim and clogged it to the point that not even the plumber could get it out. Had to remove the toilet, fish for it in the drain and install a new one, since the old one got broken in the process.
  7. Paint job on both sides of the truck by writing I love you in a billion scribbles with a rock.. 😉 one of those you can’t be mad about because it’s a sweet thought.
  8. At the age of 5 he threw a 19 inch tv across the room.
  9. My career, but I dont really miss it.
  10. Some how he manage to put pennies in his TV with built in VCR, plus pennies in my home stero systems plus a fork.
  11. A girlfriend or two.
  12. My confidence in my parenting skills.
  13. My daughters WII.
  14. My laptop over his brother’s head.
  15. Several windows and cabinet doors.
  16. Several prescription eyeglasses.
  17. Me. I’m not broken, I am constantly scraped/battered/bruised. All the battle wounds are definitely causing me to depreciate in value. >:-(
  18. Dropped my phone in a glass of juice.
  19. Two of my teeth, with his head when he was 3.
  20. Does my heart count? 😉
  21. The control panel in the washing machine is probably the biggest, he likes to make it beep so kept restarting washes halfway through!
  22. Right now I have a fresh black eye. Have had several from my 4 yr. old son. He bites/beats/kicks my body, but it is not broken, yet.
  23. Jewelry because she loves sparkling things.
  24. The strength and character of the opposite sex (apologies to any men who actually have strength and character).
  25. Pulled built in dishwasher out of the counter, took chunks of counter with it.
  26. A toilet at school by rocking back and forth on the tank.
  27. A cell phone by crushing it with her teeth.
  28. All the shades/blinds in the house, get to replace them all the time.
  29. Bit my engagement ring so bad it looked like a number 8.
  30. Tore a picture of my late Dad.
  31. Clothes by chewing on them.
  32. Pulled the bridge off my beloved violin and posted it through the violins f hole :- it was fixed with patience, nimble fingers and tweezers!
  33. My laptop for university with all my assignments on it! They couldnt be retreived..laptop was smashed!
  34. My daughter destroyed a hospital room once after the gave her an oral sedative (I warned them and so did her doctor). Made the 24 hour visit into 3 days and they had to get a new EEG machine.
  35. My son broke a school window twice. Got a bill the second time and was told I’d get one every time he broke one.
  36. Dismantled a whole computer.

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  1. Refrigerators, loves to leave both doors open for light and of course ,all the food in them. All silverware,dishes and anything else you can throw in the trash can . I mean its a family on going joke to give us silverware on All holidays! We never have a complete set ! And a 42 inch flat screen tv by trying to balance a full glass of pop on the 2 inch ledge on top !

  2. So, it’s not just our house then? Good to know.

  3. M.T.

    Thank you for reassuring me that I am not the only one!

  4. Heather Perez

    A 46 inch LCD TV (it was only 3 mos old and when they first came out and was VERY expensive); a 32 inch LCD TV (and the bed that he pulled the wooden slat from that he hit the TV with); took a screw driver to the doors of my stainless steel fridge; spray painted the trunk of my brand new Camry Hybrid; sliced the leather on both back seat arm rests of the Camry Hybrid; chewed up a memory card w/ irreplacable photos on it; gave the PSP remote a shower; cracked the screen of my husbands 32GB iPod touch that I got him for Christmas (in January); threw and broke my daughters Nintendo DS; chewed all the wood on the brand new bunk beds that I got for him and his brother; and most recently destroyed the LCD screen on my laptop. But I’m SOOO happy to hear that I’m not alone!!

  5. Tami

    blinds…omigosh….mine are awful! lol – thanks for giving us something to relate to and well written

  6. ha!ha!feeling less lonely 😉 my son threw a kids brand new DS Lite in our pond…lost 3 years of photos,music ,films… when he smashed my external hard drive, and of course broken windows and holes in walls…glad to say though that he has made HUGE progress in the past year (language has appeared-at age 11,uses PECS more and more,and can “ask” me to massage his hands and feet when he needs to relax,incredible how this reduces his bouncing around…)

  7. You mean my son isn’t the only one who’s broken a toliet lol 🙂 He broke a glass into it and no one could get it out. Had to go and buy a whole new one. He’s dismanted a brand new computer, broke tv’s, remotes, clothes, windows, walls, lamps, chairs, tables, he unscrews everything, bit through cords for game stations, ripped up school pictures (the class ones), beds, carpet, flooring, oh and the list goes on. Oh ya and he dislocated his sisters arm when he was 2.
    Now the other two have broken ds systems, radios, chairs, vaccums, walls, doors, locks, blankets, cloths, refrigorator doors, dressers, matresses, and the list goes on from there too.

  8. Victoria

    3 LCD screens, 2 blue rays drives, the hole the power cord goes in for my laptop. Over 4 portable DVD players. A window. Several window screens. A couple of cell phones. The floor. The walls. His box spring. Plus god only knows what else. Glad to know I’m not alone.

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