My ASD Child’s Most Annoying Habits… (You know the one that really drives me up the wall.)

  1. Repeating something until you say what they want to hear lol.
  2. Constant humming … sometimes I can tune it out but theres other times it absolutely drives me insane…. worse than nails down a chalkboard.
  3. Licking the walls, snowbanks, and other related things.
  4. The extremely high pitched screaming out of nowhere just for pure entertainment in public lmao well maybe I kinda find that amusing.
  5. Repeating the same phrase/comment/sentence over and over and over again.
  6. Chewing everything, including every sippy cup I purchase.
  7. Taking batteries out of EVERYTHING he can get a hold of.
  8. Kicking when I’m driving because we have to go a different route trying to divert traffic.
  9. Taking off his clothes!! He’s pretty good about keeping them on at school but once he’s comfortable in a place he goes to often (Nana’s house, other relative’s and friends houses) he just feels free to run around without any clothes!!
  10. Tearing every electronic apart and not putting them back together.
  11. Watching dvds over and over until I can recite them.
  12. Barking like a dog in public out of nowhere.
  13. Humming the entire time he eats a meal.
  14.  When she’s in jabber mode and just talks none stop.
  15. The finger poo painting.
  16.  Having to be literally nose to nose with anyone to talk.
  17. Moving his room around… sometimes twice a day….
  18. Stomping up and down the stairs every time he uses them, as hard as he can.
  19. Having to have his hands down his pants constantly.
  20. Spitting… drives me crazy!
  21. Biting his finger and toenails off and chewing the erasers and even the metal part that holds the erasers on the pencil off every pencil in his back pack and at school.
  22. Changing his underwear several times throughout the day…just because.
  23. His obsession with taking baths.
  24. His high pitch screaming.
  25. Putting EVERYTHING in his mouth!!!!!!!!! doesn’t matter what it is, it always goes in the mouth……sticks, mud, teddies etc.
  26. When you just opened your eyes and haven’t even had a chance to breathe yet and immediately you start hearing about the latest DVD he is obsessed with.



  1. lol… I deal with a lot of these!

  2. My son has nearly all of those habits. Repeating phrases over and over again or asking a question until I give him what he deems an appropriate response is probably up there on my list of annoyances. But, taking his clothes off when he’s upset and the fact that I almost always have to put his shoes BACK ON before we get out of the car because he’s gotten upset about something during the drive are pretty big too.

  3. Leah Driver

    Can’t believe no one mentioned rocking. We’re on our 2nd set of kitchen chairs with broken legs. Everyone knows, sit on a chair at our house at your own risk!

  4. I think mine has to be the stimming…..He constantly has to be shaking his the point that he’s hit his self in the eye a few times and still can’t seem to stop.wish I knew a way to help him on that one??? any suggestions?? thanks 🙂

  5. Kacie Campbell

    Almost all of these. The two that bug me the most though is his constant need to chew on his coat collar and his constant need to pick at his fingers over and over and over. They drive me insane.

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